Front of Book
Authors Carmen Cusi de Garcia-Pimentel and J.B. Johnson bring to life the front of book with their acknowledgement, foreword, and introduction.

In the prologue, the distinguished architectural historian, E. Logan Wagner, summarizes for us a visual concept of the theme that runs throughout the book. He highlights the importance of religious architecture upon the patrimony of Mexico. He notes that such architecture, and especially that of the Yucatan, functions as a time machine that clearly exhibits the process of the superimposition of the Christian faith upon ancient faith, resulting in such majestic splendors as the former monastery of San Antonio de Padua at Izamal––built over a pyramid that was, once, part of a large Maya religious center dedicated to the Sun God.

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San Antonio de Padua
in Izamal


Pyramid and a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary in Xcambó


San Bernardino
in Valladolid

Santo Domingo in Uayma - Left side, Unrestored - Right side, Restored


Crucifixion in a traveling Altar at San Mateo Evangelista in
Santa Elena


San Pedro and San Pablo in Cacalchén

Small chapel in Maní


Cathedral of San Ildefonso in Merida


Maya head embedded into the wall of San Buenaventura
in Dzonotchel