About The Authors

With resimagetless spirit of adventure and esprit de corps, Carmen Cusi de Garcia-Pimentel and J.B. Johnson have traveled throughout Mexico documenting architectural monuments of the country they have loved.

Besides her many years of experience as an architect, Garcia-Pimentel has held positions in the United States and Europe as project designer of interiors for the Holiday Inn hotels and designer of many exclusive homes. Johnson, a graduate architect of the University of Texas, is well known for his work in furniture, accessories, and high-end residences of Mexico. As a team, they have collaborated on many projects in Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Acapulco and San Miguel de Allende.

As a team, their professional and personal interests have led them to travel—he as photographer and she as writer—through most of Europe, the Orient, India, and the Middle East. Mr. Johnson currently resides in Mexico City from where the book was published in honor of his great traveling friend.

When asked about the making of Churches of the Mayas, Carmen explained: “I felt compelled to write about these churches because of their beauty and uniqueness. In as much as it’s understandable how they have been shadowed by the Yucatan’s magnificent archeological ruins, it is our belief that the art that began upon the arrival of the Spaniards has no equal in the world. When the concept of writing a book about the Yucatan first came up, JB and I had no idea where it would lead us. But with each visit, the Peninsula gave us more of itself, revealing to us its undeniable importance as an architectural, artistic, and religious source worthy of our praise."

Photo by
Casilda Garcia-Pimentel de Solorzano

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